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Certificate of Competence - Drilling for Micropiles


Company ? Do you want to value your employees, recognize their different skills, create a real training process Foreur? You want to prove your skills in special work, evolve professionally … The Drill-i certificate is the solution!

To have your certificate, you will have to pass three assessment tests:

  • a multiple choice of 100 questions (80% of correct answers expected)
  • an implementation with solutions or recommendations
  • an oral interview with a jury of drilling professionals


  • Define the method of drilling adapted to the terrain.
  • Prepare the machine and the equipment necessary for the construction site.
  • Drill according to all drilling methods (rotary, off-hole, downhole)
  • Set the machine to get the best rates.
  • Maintain drilling by adding polymer or casing.
  • Position the micropile tubes and perform the injection.
  • To solve an unforeseen situation (blockage, loss of stem, absence of cuttings, …).
  • Maintain the drilling machine to anticipate breakdowns.
  • Prevent risks and organize safety on a drilling site.


Driller wishing to have his skills recognized.

To prepare for these three events you can take one or more training modules or go directly.

Date for the next sessions

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  • No date or place is right for you?

  • Discover the associated trainings

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