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Core drilling, what is it ?


This training is an initiation to core drilling specificities. Without a doubt, it’s about the most technical method to make ground survey. Indeed, the core has to be perfectly done to provide a correct analysis of the ground you are drilling through.


  • Discover specificities about core drilling.
  • Get to know the different equipments and their specificities.
  • Make your first core drilling, extract the core and store it in its box.


Staff members willing to discover the core drilling method.

To take part in this training, you must be confident with basic drilling. If you’re not, take a look at “First steps in drilling”.

Date for the next sessions

  • Site de Parmilieu - 38390

  • Site de Parmilieu - 38390

  • Site de Marseille -

  • Site de Chartes - 28700

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