Ensuring the safety of everyone on a drilling site is vital. In addition to being featured in all our training courses and highlighted in red, safety really deserves to be treated as a training category all on its own. In fact, every safety training program developed by Drill-i, covers all the high-risk areas that apply to drilling sites.

  • AIPR: 3 possible options (operator, supervisor, designer), from the dry AIPR test to training using serious games
  • CACES R372m Category 2 drills: From CACES test, through recycling, initial and advanced training, each with several options (including drills with operators, guiding operators, radio controls)
  • Drilling site safety
  • Movement and postures on a drilling site
  • SST drilling
  • VGP drills
  • VGP winch on drills

All our training courses are run by professional trainers who are experts in their field. Their sole aim is to ensure you know how to work in complete safety, whether on your own or as part of a team!

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