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DRILL-I is the only specialized drilling training organization. He has more than 30 years of experience in drilling training, survey training and earthworks drilling training. Drill-i has been referenced Datadock since 2017, and offers more than 30 different training courses and 10 complete drill and / or drill training courses in all drilling trades, with more than 70 skills, theoretical and practical training ranging from 1 day to 7 weeks, alternating drilling formations, hundreds of tailor-made courses and support for drilling professionals.

We have several partnerships in France and around the world, with schools and training centers such as the UniLaSalle Polytechnic Institute, Emile Picot Center or the FNTP’s Center of Excellence.

Drill-i has 150 equipment in the park and more than 15 internal trainers or individual contractors, all experts in their field …

and a whole team at your service!

Why train to be a Drilling Engineer with DRILL-I?

I’m already a drilling engineer and I want to improve and develop my skills: Like most drilling engineers, I haven’t received any drilling training. As a result, I need to validate my experience in the field and acquire some new skills. Our profession is continually evolving and on-going training guarantees getting a job. Being trained in different drilling skills will enable me to be more flexible and progress in my career!

I’m looking for a job and know that the drilling industry is hiring. All areas of drilling are recruiting including earthworks, geotechnical and specialized project work! I can get financed and learn the skills of a drilling engineer so I can easily find work.

I want to get a certificate, diploma or an RNCP certification that is recognized by the State: CACES, AIPR, SST: In partnership with several schools and training centers, I can present a diploma to an employer which will enable me to get a job more easily as it gives added assurance. It also, acknowledges my many years of experience and therefore, endorses my career.

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